Who Are We?

Who, Us? Oh!

What does a west coast dreamer, a highly detail oriented German, and a prairie grown pharmacist have in common? Apparently a lot! 45° Rentals was born from a simple wish to spend quality, outdoor time with family and friends. The options for RV rentals in our area were limited, and we knew we could offer a high end, hassle free experience that allowed families to take advantage of precious time together in the beautiful camping areas of Saskatchewan and beyond!

But Wait... What's The Backstory?

We’re Brandon Geerts and Nicolas Wawryk (The ones with the floating arrows in the pic we definitely planned to use only as a placeholder). We crossed paths at Yellow Grass Fire Rescue, where we both still proudly serve our community! Over the years we became good friends, and in 2022 we came up with the idea for, well… this! After much brainstorming and planning, 45° Rentals was born! As the dream took shape, we realized the benefit of having Beth Scott join the team to add logic, organization and balance. Since Beth and Brandon are married, the addition was pretty organic!

What Do We Do?​

We make camping easy! Offering RV’s with all essentials, so you don’t have to pack up the entire household for a weekend getaway! Don’t want to mess with RV ownership? Don’t have a truck? No problem, we gotcha covered! We’ll gladly deliver the RV to your campsite and set it up. All you need to do? Get out the camping chairs, fire up the BBQ, and make yourself at home!

You might have a pretty awesome rock collection, but we’re starting our own camper collection! We’ve created a win/win situation. Not only is RV rental an option, if you feel you aren’t using your RV enough (or don’t mind a little extra cash in your pocket), consign your RV rental and have the whole thing managed through us! If you aren’t sure and have questions, we are always available to answer your queries! And if you still aren’t sure…look at this adorable picture of our company’s rescue pup, Olive. Would you say no to that face?


Being a family business, we truly care about quality service and a quality experience for every rental, so that you can truly enjoy your rental experience with the people you care about. We’re on a mission of constant improvement and have added a 15 passenger van to our rental fleet! And you know it, it’ll pull a camper too!

The Team

Our Family

And Olive!

Our Mission°

To provide a full-service RV and van rental experience, enabling individuals and families to enjoy rentals for camping, travel or work without the burden of ownership.

Our Vision°

To offer unique, accessible, and affordable high quality RV camping and van rentals for southern Saskatchewan.

Our Values°

Integrity, Reliability, Relationships, Professionalism, Quality, and Customer Experience Excellence.

Where Can You Find Us?

45° Rentals is based in Yellow Grass, SK.

That’s aboot 25km away from Weyburn, SK and 80km from Regina, SK! We do not have a location open to the public here, other than for rental pick-ups and drop-offs, but if you’d like to meet us for a coffee or look at one of our units, just drop us a line and we’ll set something up!