Consign Your RV°

Earn Up To $1,500 Per Month* With 45° Rentals

How, you ask? You provide your RV for us to rent out on our platform and we pay you for every night it is rented!

Your RV = Your Investment

*Our consigners typically make $500 to $1,500/mo during peak season. That is going off of $50/booked night, but this depends on your type of RV.

We'll Manage This

Thought about listing your RV for rent yourself? It's a ton of work and takes tons of time. Let us manage the booking process, delivery, dealing with the customer, and all that jazz for you. You... just profit!

Your RV Is Safe

Let's just say, we pay A LOT in insurance, so if anything were to happen to your RV, YOU ARE COVERED. Rest assured, the rigorous policies in place to protect our own RV's will also protect yours!

Block Off Your Own Days

It is your RV afterall! You always have the ability to block off certain days you wish to enjoy your RV if it is not already booked.

You Set The Permissions

Don't want pets in your RV? No problem, we'll mark it as pet-free! This goes for many other things as well, just let us know! All our RV's are prohibited from attending events and festivals, so no worries there.

We'll Take Care Of Your RV

We'll clean and sanitize your RV after every booking and, store it during the busy summer season so you don't have to worry about that!



Contact Us

Contact us you must, young Padawan. We’ll need the following info:

Later on, we’ll also need you to send us:


Nitty Gritty

If your RV is eligible for consignment, we’ll have our people contact your people!

We’ll go over the consignment program in detail, including our and your responsibilities, and to make sure you fully understand it. We’ll provide you with a list of required amenities your RV will have to contain.

We’ll then meet in person to inspect the RV. If all sounds good to you, we’ll then formalize the agreement.



We’ll pick up your RV or make arrangements as needed, assign a unit number, take photos, and list it on our platform. It’ll make you some extra cash in no time!

After your RV gets rented, we’ll tally up the total number of nights for the month and send you payment within the first week of the following month. Easy right?



Where Even Are You?

Why Would I Consign?

So say you bought that RV, camper, etc. a certain someone has been wanting for years *cough*, but now you only use it twice a year? The monthly payments are still there, so are maintenance, fuel, and other costs, so you’re not getting much out of this 30′ box on wheels huh? Have your RV make some money instead of burn it, through 45° Rentals Consignment! Now that’s what we call a win-win!

Who Even Are You?

Not sure we’re real? We assure you, we are!

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